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Denver – at a glance — it’s not all doom & gloom — quite the opposite!

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This month has been full of meetings: international, local, owner, team, and mastermind.

Here’s a snapshot of the information:

  1. The average age for a child to leave the home is 26, and the average age for a first-time home buyer is 34. We have the largest demographic of home buyers in history about to purchase their first home.
  2. We are under-supplied with inventory in Denver. Smaller builders have stopped building due to unknown costs of labor & materials and market volatility. Financing for construction loans has crippled potential developments from getting started.
  3. The pent-up buyer demand is substantially large. When rates begin to fall, buckle up Denver – this is going to be one wild ride.

Even now – with interest rates the highest we’ve seen in two decades – Buyers are Buying.

While the dream remains constant, the financial and logistical hurdles have morphed, requiring new strategies and greater resilience for those striving to unlock the door to their own home.

One of the presenters asked us – what was special about your first home? when asked this question, I always think of this photo:

our kitchen countertop – it’s where all the magic happened and it was all ours (homework, cooking, life conversations, dinners with friends, bible studies, book clubs, school projects, nearly everything…)

It’s not just property –
it’s personal,
it’s deeply emotional,
and it’s irrevocably yours!

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