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Housing is for the DOGS, dogs like Rodeo!

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On July 25th, our office received an email from a new buyer in Colorado – the email was signed as D, L, and their dog Rodeo. “we would love to start preparing to purchase a home in the fall, near olde town Arvada, under $500,000, with a backyard for our dog Rodeo.”

This is a common trend for housing – Colorado loves their dogs!

  1. Medical Dedication: 43.5% of Colorado dog owners are willing to spend $4,000 or more on their dogs’ medical care, showcasing their deep bond with their pets.
  2. Housing Priorities: Approximately 20% of Colorado dog owners are wiling to move from apartments to houses with yards for their dogs, ranking Colorado second in the nation for this preference. (new construction is starting to embrace this demand – model homes are highlighting the location and convenience to green spaces and dog parks in their show rooms)
  3. Work and Lifestyle: Colorado is seeing a unique trend, with 7% of dog owners leaving jobs for dog-friendly workplaces. 11% stayed at disliked jobs due to remote work and dog-friendly environments.
  4. Colorado ranks fourth in the nation for dog owners making budget adjustments to care for their pets.
  5. Relationship Impact: Surprisingly, 8.5% of Colorado dog owners have ended relationships due to their partners not liking their dogs. YIKES!

Colorado’s status as the most devoted dog-loving state reflects the profound impact of dogs on housing, work, and budget choices. This mirrors a nationwide surge in pet ownership, where pets are increasingly considered family members. As dogs continue to hold a special place in the hearts of Coloradans and Americans, their influence on various aspects of our lives, including housing, is set to endure and evolve.

And Rodeo — he now has a backyard all to himself near Olde Town Arvada where he can walk down to our office and get his dog biscuit while we visit with his Mom and Dad!

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